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The Blues by Juanvaldez
10789 views, 180 favorites, 8 comments
Someones got'em bad! Shameless plug time if it's ok to do here. I will be opening up some very limited commission spots soon! I will put the detail on my profile for those interested. Thank you all!
Voodoo Halo by Juanvaldez
13830 views, 145 favorites, 10 comments
Return of the VooDoo lady.
Goodnightmare by Juanvaldez
8931 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
More sketches.
Crayz2 by Juanvaldez
8052 views, 74 favorites, 7 comments
Random pencil drawing.
Ontherise Copy by Juanvaldez
9844 views, 174 favorites, 14 comments
Full moon On the Rise.
Random Cat by Juanvaldez
11259 views, 142 favorites, 13 comments
Random Cat
New Sphinx by Juanvaldez
16004 views, 191 favorites, 15 comments
An update from an old pic I did in 2003.
Wolf'n by Juanvaldez
23528 views, 307 favorites, 17 comments
1st change into a werewolf.
Dtf by Juanvaldez
35873 views, 388 favorites, 37 comments
I noticed quite a few people talking about Demon TFs as of late, so I could not resist.
lost it by Juanvaldez
21692 views, 117 favorites, 9 comments
Loosing it. (Still alive though!)