Starting with the Head by K-Libra

Starting with the Head by

Date: 10/18/2013 Views: 13569 Favorites: 78 Comments: 1

Forced Transformation

Decided to fulfill another request for Nolhyaa.

The surges brought her to the ground quickly and no sooner when she hit the floor did she feel her face begin to push outward. He nose flattening and her nostrils flaring caused her glasses to begin rest awkwardly. Horns began to sprout from her hairline and her ears deformed all at once, pulling out and upward as a protrusion sprang froth from the tip. Her neck was tensing as well and it began to elongate while her chest began barreling and expanding. Her clothes getting tighter and tighter and then they began to break apart. The glasses could no longer rest on her face as it no longer wanted them.

There, quick flavor text.

*Edit: As per an art trade with Nohlyaa, this was continued.*


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Muy bien, no one ever starts with the head on transformations, most people like to do the head very last and quite frankly I think it looks awkward that way.

But overall I just like your transformations 'cuz you're one of the "everything goes, all at once" kind of TF artist, instead of the typical one-single-body-part-after-another type, which really demonstrates your knowledge of anatomy and ability to play with it all.

I like your take on things. Keep on rockin', dude.