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The many transformations of Peter by KageJaganshi
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Oh Peter and your defunked transformations. From my sereis Monkey Ghost- Peter seems to have a lot of problems with his transformations. Like randomly turning into a frog at the public pool or a sperm whale in the bath tub. Oh, not a worm, a caterpillar!
Jimmy the cheetah by KageJaganshi
10988 views, 82 favorites, 6 comments
"Oh yeah, I make this look good." Jimmy Wilder from Monkey ghost transforming into a cheetah.
Harry the Lynx by KageJaganshi
8565 views, 45 favorites, 4 comments
Harry from Monkey Ghost changing into a Lynx.
Rise of the One eyed Dragon by KageJaganshi
11240 views, 31 favorites, 11 comments
They did'nt call him the One Eyed Dragon for nothing! Real life samurai warlord transforming ito a blue dragon. Originally from a fanfic I never finished.
velociraptor trasformation by KageJaganshi
16607 views, 127 favorites, 11 comments
From my long running series "Monkey Ghost". When the chossen few use the powers of the Allimist stones they can transform their bodies to fight the nefarious monkey ghost. This is my character part way through the transformation into a velociraptor.