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Zodiac Wood Ox by Kanada
29923 views, 55 favorites, 8 comments
My appoach to the zodiac theme, adding my element (wood) to my zodiac animal (ox).
Mouseboy by Kanada
17423 views, 69 favorites, 9 comments
Here's an overly cute mouse kid for you guys.
LarrySpider by Kanada
15974 views, 42 favorites, 5 comments
Since Spiderman2 is coming out in a matter of hours, thought it would be apropiate to upload this spider-guy here. Big and harry, scary Larry, the spider man!.
snakeguy by Kanada
17456 views, 71 favorites, 10 comments
Do it Yourself Snake Transformation Kit. Impress your friends! Eat your enemies! Unhinge your jaw to impress the ladies! Only 19.95!
crowkid by Kanada
16043 views, 87 favorites, 7 comments
Looks like Kyle really is a "Bird Brain"
TreeFrog boy by Kanada
19811 views, 89 favorites, 6 comments
It took several hours for Kevin's tiny frog brain to realize what had happened to him...
goldfishboy by Kanada
31993 views, 91 favorites, 9 comments
This was a "fish tale" Paul would never get to tell...
Dragon costume by Kanada
4 images, 24687 views, 151 favorites, 9 comments
Fox ninja by Kanada
17748 views, 81 favorites, 11 comments
Never mess with magic seals..unless you want to spend the rest of your life as an animal that is ^_^
Stinky by Kanada
28374 views, 127 favorites, 13 comments
Ya know, if this were true, something tells me we'd have a lot of skunks running around...