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Hippo TF by KrazyIvan
3141 views, 23 favorites, 0 comments
Poll sketch for my bro's
Booby TF by KrazyIvan
2313 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
Headshot sketch
Squichous Ferret by KrazyIvan
3828 views, 24 favorites, 5 comments
Raichu TF For a guy, Fancy myself quite a try, Modeled on himself, In a pose of some stealth, And then he said kthanks bye!
Dolphin TF headshot by KrazyIvan
4367 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
Further experiments into the seldom seen, this month Dolphin:P If you would like to contribute to my madness please subscribe for an insight to the inner workings of my shit: Cheers!
Headshots by KrazyIvan
7 images, 12496 views, 57 favorites, 9 comments
Slide show of headshots for patrons
Pokemon Duel by KrazyIvan
6715 views, 53 favorites, 4 comments
A sketch a did last month has been evolved (yeah i know tags don't really work but its the closest i could think of.)
Enraptured by KrazyIvan
4141 views, 48 favorites, 1 comment
Coloured sketch for a new patron of his character stuck in a jurassican pickle
Summer equinoxxed by KrazyIvan
5446 views, 39 favorites, 1 comment
Another submission to "Neighvember" I had alot of horse based requests this month so its literally that lol Nude:
Hurdle to herded by KrazyIvan
4836 views, 47 favorites, 0 comments
Horse TF with a dash of reality bending for my horse guy Nude available here:
Training by KrazyIvan
6499 views, 36 favorites, 3 comments
Just a quick little commission exploring a neat idea