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Josi by KrazyIvan
6563 views, 87 favorites, 7 comments
Patron commission for my main horse guy Nude version on my patreon page.
Eeveeination ( patron commission by KrazyIvan
3 images, 17791 views, 116 favorites, 13 comments
Something for one of my best guys for more stuff or earlier access consider becoming a subscriber
Change by KrazyIvan
5559 views, 49 favorites, 5 comments
Cassandra 2020, she promises change to everyone
Profile Doodle by KrazyIvan
3532 views, 34 favorites, 15 comments
updated profile image i cant upload for some reason.
Easy Eevee by KrazyIvan
2 images, 7685 views, 55 favorites, 11 comments
Doodle for an Eevee TF sequence
Horse Bar by KrazyIvan
4388 views, 27 favorites, 6 comments
Just a doodle
Chickenfied by KrazyIvan
4584 views, 22 favorites, 3 comments
Patron commission Chicken TF anatomy study (not final just practice)
Found by KrazyIvan
3 images, 10773 views, 82 favorites, 6 comments
Jessie knew one day they'd catch up, she wasn't as cunning as she used to be and after a couple of close calls finally the hounds tracked her. The first signs of change she ran away from her handlers. Now years later, after spending months out of sight of anyone she is finally found. Doomed to spend her last few human years being trained for her new life, as one of the hounds. Part 2: "I have to admit that tactic was pretty clever...". The handler, a middle aged woman sipped her tea. "
Otter Surprise by KrazyIvan
10464 views, 83 favorites, 9 comments
I ran a poll on Patreon to see what the people wanted for a change, they chose an otter with a mirror theme.
Masked by KrazyIvan
9250 views, 100 favorites, 9 comments
Patron Commission