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Noticing by KrazyIvan
7418 views, 132 favorites, 10 comments
Really into the point that the character becomes aware of changes, i don't usually like to impose context on drawings because i think mystery makes it better, but with this the character is somewhere public and has just had her change pointed out to her by a friend.
Tomboy Tomcat by KrazyIvan
2 images, 7994 views, 79 favorites, 4 comments
Something something, gym, something, something, were-tabby, something, something, forgot full moon was tonight... Fell free to come up with your own context.
Quickie by KrazyIvan
3453 views, 35 favorites, 4 comments
no context
House Broken House Wife by KrazyIvan
7624 views, 81 favorites, 4 comments
One puppy as requested.
Familiar Friend by KrazyIvan
10435 views, 126 favorites, 9 comments
Stella calls a goth girl out on her threat
Preview by KrazyIvan
3726 views, 35 favorites, 6 comments
Workin' on somethin'
Collared With Sketches by KrazyIvan
7436 views, 76 favorites, 2 comments
Decided to sketch out the rest of the sequence.
Collared by KrazyIvan
4120 views, 55 favorites, 1 comment
Been a while since i uploaded, no context on this. Enjoy
Sarahs Wish by KrazyIvan
10970 views, 95 favorites, 2 comments
Spoilt brat Sarah Perkins asks her parents for a pony the refuse, she looks for one online and buys one with her parents credit card, needless to say it wasn't what she thought.
Chicken Chicken by KrazyIvan
9758 views, 92 favorites, 4 comments
Colourised for your pleasure.