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Sarahs Wish by KrazyIvan
11284 views, 99 favorites, 2 comments
Spoilt brat Sarah Perkins asks her parents for a pony the refuse, she looks for one online and buys one with her parents credit card, needless to say it wasn't what she thought.
Chicken Chicken by KrazyIvan
10032 views, 93 favorites, 4 comments
Colourised for your pleasure.
Chicken Chicken by KrazyIvan
5452 views, 34 favorites, 5 comments
Quickie, Inspired by two stories: First my childhood favourite by Goosebumps of the title and a recent story docs-lab called Laid Off. A feel a sequence coming on, stay tuned.
Random Dragonification by KrazyIvan
8314 views, 70 favorites, 5 comments
I had a story for this one i promise! But it got eaten by my dog then he barfed in a furnace. Damn you boonie!
Screen grab from Tindfur by KrazyIvan
8454 views, 81 favorites, 7 comments
Sorry guy's they wouldn't let me tell anyone where i got it. There were horrific threats, terrible shame. Its a great app.
Meanwhile on werewolf tinder by KrazyIvan
16475 views, 206 favorites, 18 comments
On the subjests of Moons that are super...
Tailfication by KrazyIvan
7918 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
Yoga Studio by KrazyIvan
9423 views, 24 favorites, 2 comments
Those alternative herbal suppliments are largely untested you know.
Night of the drake 201 colourised by KrazyIvan
12956 views, 79 favorites, 11 comments
As promised some colour this time
Changing Room by KrazyIvan
6627 views, 39 favorites, 3 comments
Room of change