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Noticing 2 by KrazyIvan
9 images, 58107 views, 453 favorites, 87 comments
Yeah i know, i said the last one was the finale but this is technically the prologue to the next sequence which i may just keep updating on this since its nice and easy to view.
CRISPR 3:Out For The Night (this time its not controversial) by KrazyIvan
2 images, 30253 views, 230 favorites, 51 comments
CRSPR Dynamics latest and largely untested product has a undesired effect. Bitch be ODin'
Meanwhile on werewolf tinder by KrazyIvan
20100 views, 220 favorites, 18 comments
On the subjests of Moons that are super...
Getting ready by KrazyIvan
10892 views, 186 favorites, 12 comments
Sarah liked to tease when getting ready.
Realities Of Routine by KrazyIvan
13134 views, 168 favorites, 5 comments
Someone in a previous comment said they'd love that to be part of their routine, here's an example.
Noticing by KrazyIvan
9889 views, 143 favorites, 10 comments
Really into the point that the character becomes aware of changes, i don't usually like to impose context on drawings because i think mystery makes it better, but with this the character is somewhere public and has just had her change pointed out to her by a friend.
Familiar Friend by KrazyIvan
14578 views, 140 favorites, 9 comments
Stella calls a goth girl out on her threat
Slip Of The Tongue by KrazyIvan
11449 views, 132 favorites, 8 comments
Snake TF's don't get enough exposure
Noticing 3: Subject to change by KrazyIvan
5 images, 29464 views, 125 favorites, 28 comments
A new sequence on the continuing complications of foxification.
Eeveeination ( patron commission by KrazyIvan
3 images, 21211 views, 121 favorites, 13 comments
Something for one of my best guys for more stuff or earlier access consider becoming a subscriber