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No Laughing Matter, Tzell commission concept sketch by KrazyIvan
2437 views, 28 favorites, 1 comment
Tzell wants a striped hyena TFTG, this is a concept. Keeping up with my older theme of the unnoticed TF:
Spontaneous wolfism by KrazyIvan
2319 views, 67 favorites, 3 comments
morning commute gone wrong.
Tally Cat Sketch by KrazyIvan
1709 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
A quick sketch i made for Tally Cat as a concept for her commission, don't judge me on this lol it isn't finished. Stay tuned for the finished item. :3
Day of the dragon by KrazyIvan
3222 views, 24 favorites, 3 comments
A misplaced wish to win a fight, trying to hide it as she slowly changes A quick sketch, i'll probably develop it further later -Ivan