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beartf collage by Kuma
33415 views, 245 favorites, 15 comments
little conceptual sequence thingy I was doodling yesterday. Not too sure if i wanna play the inking/coloring game, I sorta like it as is. Was aiming to be a bit more spirtual about it rather than the standard doom, gloom and ouchy thingy.
dragontfsigil by Kuma
22919 views, 218 favorites, 13 comments
Felt like finally doing a proper Dragon Tf
All in a days work by Kuma
36802 views, 252 favorites, 13 comments
Always wanted to do a pleasure island illustration thingy. I actually had something a bit more extravagant in mind for the coloring, but i got kinda bored, so meh.
welcome to the circus by Kuma
39553 views, 381 favorites, 27 comments
A gift for a good friend. Started off as a quick sketch that came out really well, felt it had to have all the trimmings applied to it.
Mesmerized by Kuma
27460 views, 210 favorites, 23 comments
boy into monkey. Done as sort of an allusion to both We're Back and Jumanji.
sealdone by Kuma
24468 views, 103 favorites, 11 comments
Trade with Eala, and my first seal tf! A tad different from how I normally tf folks, but i think it came out pretty good.
dino by Kuma
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And he's done. final pic!
Tiger tf by Kuma
64350 views, 442 favorites, 33 comments
Poor guy's gone all fuzzy. Compliments of circe >:)
werewuff sm by Kuma
24416 views, 205 favorites, 13 comments
My half of a trade with Solid Asp. I think this might actually be my very first werewolf tf O_o
Joomanji by Kuma
46430 views, 272 favorites, 28 comments
This is my submission for Dragoniade's TF contest thing over at DA. I'm actually pretty proud of this pic,(for once!) makes me feel like I'm getting better at this digital stuff and art in general. Much thanks to kanada for coming up with the little rhyme there. cant rhyme to save my life apperently...Lightly based on Jumanji. That movie had a lot of good TF potential IMO