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El Pollo Zorro by LanceFoxx
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"The Chicken Foxx." In my attempt to post more artwork this here, here is a picture I drew this weekend. It is a picture of myself turning into... a chicken. I've been on a farm animal kick recently, but I'm having fun with it! In this pic, I'm just waking up and maybe I haven't noticed the changes yet... ~Bawk!
Summer Werefox Transformation by LanceFoxx
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It's hot enough during the summer. The heat makes you want to wear as little cloths as possible, maybe even just a t-shirt and shorts. Then... go figure, you somehow become a werefox and your animal side wants out. Your body starts changing. You're shapeshifting, turning into an animal. Now you have to quickly rid yourself of your cloths and, even then, you better hope that your body gives you a summer coat, at least! I had fun drawing this pic for a LiveStream audience last night. Thank you ...