TF TG AR Commission for MasterLeo by Light Lux Collie

TF TG AR Commission for MasterLeo by

Date: 3/29/2018 Views: 4270 Favorites: 16 Comments: 0

Age Regression
Gender Change - Male to Female

Commission for Masterleo of himself turning into his fursona Lea.

I want to make this very clear,

I am happy to draw baby fur characters for people, but you must follow these guidelines.

1. I will NOT under any circumstance draw underage characters in any sort of sexual way. I intent of keep them cute and wholesome. Do not ask me to draw them like that.

2. I will Under no circumstance draw any character defecating or urinating themselves. DO NOT ASK ME TO!

3. I will only draw baby characters that are actual babies, I will not draw Adult Baby characters. I have nothing against you personally, I just want to keep my art simple. If you have an AB character and would like me to draw them depicted as a child. I will do that. Age regressions such as this are also allowed because it is part of the transformation. Please understand and follow these rules.

Thank you.