Treasure In You by Light Lux Collie

Treasure In You by

Date: 8/16/2018 Views: 2909 Favorites: 26 Comments: 2

Cursed Location

This pirate has searched 30 years for that treasure, only to find out too late that it was cursed to transform anyone that seeks it into a Macaw.

And before anyone ask, NO, this was not inspired by The Pirates Fate. A game which I absolutely adore by the way.

It was actually inspired by an old movie from my childhood called The Real Macaw.

More specifically, the opening music sequence called a treasure in you.

Here is the opening sequence. I absolutely love the song.

Let me know if you've ever seen this movie. It was a strange yet big part of my childhood. I wish I had it on DVD.


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these golden things makes me think about the cereal's of some brand x3


I do like how you mentioned pirates fate