The Asylum by MaLAguA

The Asylum by

Date: 7/30/2020 Views: 7710 Favorites: 22 Comments: 5

Here I bring the small mini comic I was working on. I hope it's of your guys's liking. Originally, I thought of making this piece in a simplified black and white but given how i don't really have that much practice in the technique, I ended up coloring the thing in its entirety and just applying the filter.

As I draw this I realize that I still have a lot of practice ahead and a lot to learn. It takes me quite a lot to make the backgrounds consistent and good (none of these are) and much more to try to keep them constant. I'm sure experts do a myriad of concept art for characters and locations, but fast drawing is still a habit that i'm lacking.

You can find more of the pages in my patreon where the story is 8 pages ahead. (

As per usual, any comment or opinion is welcomed.


We begin in a dark stormy night of autumn around a building. as an orderly makes the rounds.


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Looks cool! What species is this? :)


Kinda kept the tag out for now.


This is brilliant!


Estoy intrigado resultado del Tf. Es pena no tengas Keyworl, va hacer encontralo, le da tanto misterio a la vez.


Ooh, a mystery TF? Looks cool