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Gargoyle Transformation by Mirandaleigh
9715 views, 76 favorites, 6 comments
Part of a new portfolio on my site. Also, I am not dead. Hurray!
Xmas Bear Ink by Mirandaleigh
19827 views, 202 favorites, 11 comments
Oh noes...! Everyone loves polar bears! Another portfolio on my site.
Snapping Turtle Wins The Race by Mirandaleigh
17502 views, 117 favorites, 11 comments
One of 26 images to come, uploaded on my personal website and forum. You can vote on what other transformations I'll draw. Images are part of my own personal donation drive (not affiliated with transfur!).
Team Spirit Part 1 Inks by Mirandaleigh
32289 views, 88 favorites, 20 comments
Showcasing what the finished comic looks like =D. Part one and part two are done and on my site. Roar.
Egyptian Artifact Pt 1 Sketches by Mirandaleigh
8 images, 23720 views, 92 favorites, 2 comments
A statue turns into a griffon taur with a sort of masculine form.
Wow Nether Drake tf by Mirandaleigh
18564 views, 133 favorites, 15 comments
Inks vs colors,
dragongirl tf clr sm by Mirandaleigh
28602 views, 355 favorites, 21 comments
Poof done. Super obnoxious hot pink lol. Copics and prismacolor pencils. Up for auction on my furbuy. Horrible scan because of the colored pencils reflecting the light of the scanner.
dragongirl tf sm by Mirandaleigh
14332 views, 168 favorites, 12 comments
Omg something done on paper lol. Cute doodled that I ended up inking, starting the colors tonight with copic markers and prismacolor colored pencils.
ratprincess by Mirandaleigh
20842 views, 125 favorites, 15 comments
Kissed by a rat, she turns into - the rat princess. Coming this summer to your imagination. =p Yes, she has rat tail hair tendrils. She's like medusa, but with rat butts.
coyoterun by Mirandaleigh
10753 views, 50 favorites, 5 comments
Inspired by the book Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs. Main character can shape shift into a coyote - so I doodled the idea during a live drawing broadcast. The rest of the series of books is great too. =p