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cheljaguar by Mirandaleigh
21938 views, 248 favorites, 9 comments
Turning into a jaguar..
cbow by Mirandaleigh
15712 views, 127 favorites, 7 comments
Emergency sketches I'm doing for ten dollars - Cbow sniped the first spot. Sold out in about an hour. =3 Extra spiffy sketches. One of his usual chimera girls going 'rawr'.
prawn by Mirandaleigh
6 images, 41159 views, 98 favorites, 26 comments
Gruesome. =p What happens when you get some alien goo on you. Inspired by a movie. =p
antephant sm by Mirandaleigh
14264 views, 65 favorites, 6 comments
She turned into an antephant. Just a doodle I thought I might share.
crystal by Mirandaleigh
12489 views, 15 favorites, 8 comments
He's turning into a crystal formation. He didn't survive the process. Too bad, he was pretty.
candle by Mirandaleigh
10632 views, 63 favorites, 14 comments
My birthday is on monday. I'm really hoping this doesn't happen...as I don't want wax dripping on my cake.
gummy by Mirandaleigh
12637 views, 52 favorites, 4 comments
I made some Gummy Bear girls.. =3 In the original design she's stuck to the floor in a movie theater, and there's a peice of popcorn that's bigger than her in the background. =3 Gummy sized.
summer plant sm by Mirandaleigh
22591 views, 162 favorites, 11 comments
If summer had turned into a plant...=p Now you can't complain that the comic doesn't make sense. Here's an alternate TF.
Susan insecto by Mirandaleigh
16998 views, 165 favorites, 9 comments
Susan turned into a giant insectosaurus. Now she's got extra arms to kick some major ass with. Watch out =p
bestever by Mirandaleigh
13631 views, 96 favorites, 56 comments
It's been ranked the best tf ever, by a group of scientists. These scientists cannot be named, but I can say for sure, they are definitely NOT my pets.