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draco sm by Mirandaleigh
7939 views, 30 favorites, 1 comment
Quick bust i colored, bleh. Wanted to do scales but didn't feel like drawing them =p. Maybe later. She's a human that was cursed by a dying red dragon, to be it's living form in it's absense. This is her human sized form.
kuro shadow sm by Mirandaleigh
15888 views, 115 favorites, 15 comments
Girl transforms into a darkness monster, with the help of a slime symbiote.
Dragongirl-test by Mirandaleigh
39940 views, 333 favorites, 28 comments
Doodled in a new program and slapped some ink and tones on it to test it out. =p Just testing the software, not looking for crits.
realwolfparis pg by Mirandaleigh
3 images, 39222 views, 124 favorites, 30 comments
Insert Description here. 3/?
lizardtongue by Mirandaleigh
15461 views, 132 favorites, 21 comments
People ask me "Mir, why do you say "blar'?" Well, I have a speech impediment. It's the tongue. Definitely. =p BTW, not a self portrait what so ever lol, so no, you still don't know what I look like. =p
pinata sm by Mirandaleigh
20413 views, 115 favorites, 13 comments
For Cinco De Mayo! A Pinata Burro TF. =3
plague sm by Mirandaleigh
18437 views, 160 favorites, 24 comments
Swine Flu + Avian Flu + EEE + Monkey Pox! She's got a mutated cocktail of icky illnesses. Created because someone doesn't understand irony.
medusa by Mirandaleigh
15214 views, 26 favorites, 7 comments
So mirrors are very useful for you and I. Not so, for a girl transformed into a medusa. BAM - stone AND snakes! Sucks to be her! Probably going to be a poster if I get around to finishing it. Digital painting would be fun. =p No ink lines therefore.
werewolf tf by Mirandaleigh
26912 views, 215 favorites, 13 comments
Without any nudity, wow. Also made to start off the werewolf RP I started on my forum. =3 Just incase people aren't too sure what werewolves look like, lol.
griff preview by Mirandaleigh
17689 views, 180 favorites, 18 comments
Part of the last page of a comic comish I just FINALLY finished. I love how it turned out. Guy transforms into a griffin. No negative comments that are non-image related. Full comic is available on my website.