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tfbaboon by Mirandaleigh
2 images, 37256 views, 66 favorites, 9 comments
Transformation of another of my TF rangers... Baboons are cool and scarey.
saurian by Mirandaleigh
7653 views, 27 favorites, 3 comments
Another Saurian race from my comics, the more reptilian of the saurians are enemies of those that are more 'taur' like, with human characteristics or humanoid upper bodies.
saurian by Mirandaleigh
11906 views, 58 favorites, 7 comments
A type of humanoid of myth and legend in my comic worlds... a merge of both an ancient birdlike dinosaur species and a human... I call them my Saurian race, unsure of their origins. Perhaps they evolved that way... or were created, or deformed...
rosered by Mirandaleigh
17111 views, 31 favorites, 7 comments
Changing into a real rose....
shockpaw by Mirandaleigh
12207 views, 65 favorites, 15 comments
Because I should draw realistic people more often, and yet i dont.... Why is it most of my women are based off me...? I guess I just have a perfect face haha. >_< They have broad faces n big eyes n strong jaws n chins... oy. So anyway, I need to draw more realistic pics more often, but preferably not clones of me, mentally.... Hopefully I'll draw some chubby faced girls and guys soon.
pawsclaws by Mirandaleigh
15142 views, 56 favorites, 3 comments
Paws!!! I'm watching too many Don Bluth films.... I'm drawing such cuuute paws because of it.. Oh noes.
chicky by Mirandaleigh
24669 views, 144 favorites, 8 comments
Mebbe it was the toothpaste that did it...
charliewolf by Mirandaleigh
16246 views, 86 favorites, 5 comments
Charlie turning into her werewolf form. It's okay, just doodles.. it's a little too abrupt a change....
dragontf by Mirandaleigh
13951 views, 110 favorites, 4 comments
Turning into a dragon, apparently drawn over a month ago and I forgot about it. I like her head n neck... =) The Toes are wiggley.
sergeicry by Mirandaleigh
9194 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Sergei tends to transform at the sight of blood, atleast spilt from a loved one.....