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horsetf by Mirandaleigh
25672 views, 94 favorites, 6 comments
Young woman surprised to see she's turning into a horse, and in the workplace no less! Eek.
tfthalia by Mirandaleigh
13931 views, 78 favorites, 4 comments
Name her Thalia, she's uber curvey and vicious. I'm not really sure what she's transformed into... sorta some feline like creature.
dragontf by Mirandaleigh
9311 views, 46 favorites, 3 comments
Someone transforming into a dragon, looking sorta painful and gruesome....
cathalf by Mirandaleigh
22744 views, 204 favorites, 12 comments
You know when you wake up in the morning and you just need to stretch those muscles? Myaaaa! Uh oh, got milk?
charpy by Mirandaleigh
15782 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
Chicken. Harpy. Charpy. She's a bit surprised, and I'm a bit lazy. didn't draw any clothes.... well maybe she was out on a midnight stroll and well, poof... charpytime!
charlieforma by Mirandaleigh
5 images, 74957 views, 142 favorites, 16 comments
charliechangeclr by Mirandaleigh
20775 views, 44 favorites, 6 comments
A doodle I wanted to color.... hopefully I'll finish it. Charlie's so sad...
unicold by Mirandaleigh
24528 views, 125 favorites, 9 comments
A quickie I did trying to think of wintertime blues.... Young maiden goes into the forest to meet with her lover, only to be cursed to walk the earth as a creature of myth instead. Thought about the last unicorn movie (since I wanna watch my dvd of it), thought she'd be so lonely, trapped in a strange new form.
terrymonsterbomb by Mirandaleigh
28055 views, 87 favorites, 12 comments
Terry (from my Terry & Rhode comic), she's pretty good at disassembling monster bombs... but not perfect. Whoops... well, hopefully it's not permanent.
bumblefaeink by Mirandaleigh
27525 views, 188 favorites, 9 comments
Another design of the bumblefae girl. She's sooo cute. I want one. Pocket sized too..! You could just bring her everywhere... <3