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beartfclr by Mirandaleigh
44549 views, 447 favorites, 31 comments
Quick thing i did in OC, was stuck in my head.... So all stuffed animals are the guardians of children. Passed onto her by her mother, she's transformed by her stuffed bears guardian spirit in order to save others from the malice that has materialized as monsters in the world. She's not alone... more and more people are realizing their stuffed animals aren't so inanimate after all.
dragongirl tf clr sm by Mirandaleigh
28196 views, 355 favorites, 21 comments
Poof done. Super obnoxious hot pink lol. Copics and prismacolor pencils. Up for auction on my furbuy. Horrible scan because of the colored pencils reflecting the light of the scanner.
Dragongirl-test by Mirandaleigh
39416 views, 333 favorites, 28 comments
Doodled in a new program and slapped some ink and tones on it to test it out. =p Just testing the software, not looking for crits.
girlbunnytf by Mirandaleigh
33105 views, 262 favorites, 9 comments
Another girl transforming... her stuffed bunny is just trying to protect her.
cheljaguar by Mirandaleigh
21553 views, 247 favorites, 9 comments
Turning into a jaguar..
hmTFscene by Mirandaleigh
9 images, 70594 views, 246 favorites, 20 comments
Scene far in the future storyline of my comic Hunter's Moon
gargleoclr by Mirandaleigh
23226 views, 226 favorites, 13 comments
Colored and inked in an OC session, mine are more like spectator events though. =) I don't share well with others, especially space on a whiteboard!
werewolf tf by Mirandaleigh
26343 views, 215 favorites, 13 comments
Without any nudity, wow. Also made to start off the werewolf RP I started on my forum. =3 Just incase people aren't too sure what werewolves look like, lol.
Xmas Bear Ink by Mirandaleigh
19248 views, 202 favorites, 11 comments
Oh noes...! Everyone loves polar bears! Another portfolio on my site.
cathalf by Mirandaleigh
22436 views, 202 favorites, 12 comments
You know when you wake up in the morning and you just need to stretch those muscles? Myaaaa! Uh oh, got milk?