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charlieforma by Mirandaleigh
5 images, 74131 views, 142 favorites, 16 comments
hmTFscene by Mirandaleigh
9 images, 70595 views, 246 favorites, 20 comments
Scene far in the future storyline of my comic Hunter's Moon
dogtf by Mirandaleigh
4 images, 58244 views, 170 favorites, 8 comments
Prim and proper lady changes into one of the canine variety.
dragoniade by Mirandaleigh
3 images, 50986 views, 198 favorites, 7 comments
Sketch pages for Dragoniade. He's a cool looking dragon, huh? Neat wings, hard as hell to draw well though. And yes, I know the 3rd page is kinda formatted like dookie. You'll figure it out, I'm sure. =)
beartfclr by Mirandaleigh
44552 views, 448 favorites, 31 comments
Quick thing i did in OC, was stuck in my head.... So all stuffed animals are the guardians of children. Passed onto her by her mother, she's transformed by her stuffed bears guardian spirit in order to save others from the malice that has materialized as monsters in the world. She's not alone... more and more people are realizing their stuffed animals aren't so inanimate after all.
prawn by Mirandaleigh
6 images, 40630 views, 98 favorites, 26 comments
Gruesome. =p What happens when you get some alien goo on you. Inspired by a movie. =p
Dragongirl-test by Mirandaleigh
39422 views, 333 favorites, 28 comments
Doodled in a new program and slapped some ink and tones on it to test it out. =p Just testing the software, not looking for crits.
realwolfparis pg by Mirandaleigh
3 images, 38744 views, 124 favorites, 30 comments
Insert Description here. 3/?
bearchange by Mirandaleigh
37710 views, 101 favorites, 16 comments
Animated. Not enough bears.... =p
tfbaboon by Mirandaleigh
2 images, 36569 views, 66 favorites, 9 comments
Transformation of another of my TF rangers... Baboons are cool and scarey.