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Tiger Paw TF by MjR
17553 views, 203 favorites, 14 comments
'There's nothing quite like getting your work shoes off and your tiger feet on'.... I do take requests for this series.
Tail TF Wolf by MjR
15552 views, 192 favorites, 10 comments
Here's that wolf girl again, same as the foot TF but with the tail.
Curse Of The Were-Teddysmall by MjR
2 images, 31505 views, 141 favorites, 11 comments
A little later than I hoped..... but here is something I've been wanting to do for a long time and thinly fitted a were-theme around it..... sort of a parable in this not to get too consumed into your interests or you'll could be consumed by it. It would be great if someone could make this into a full story.
Cow Transformation by MjR
22405 views, 127 favorites, 2 comments
Originally meant to be the tail end of the Cow paw TF sequence recently, but became a whole lot more....... I felt the colouring and pen got a bit rough on this one.....
foot TF 5: Cow by MjR
11732 views, 90 favorites, 6 comments
There will be an accompanying Tail TF coming very shortly I always seem to finish the foot TF's first..... Young woman enjoying her breakfast sitting on a metalic stool at the breakfast bar , cereal with a lot of milk, a lot of milk in her tea seeming to too have it's effect, and on her cute fluffy cow slippers.
Wolfpawswithoutsocks by MjR
9568 views, 87 favorites, 4 comments
This is a variation of my Wolf Paws this time without socks
Bunny by MjR
7674 views, 84 favorites, 5 comments
Character in mid development. Her name is Carrie.
Wolf Paw TF by MjR
10236 views, 75 favorites, 3 comments
The first time I've actually done any animal TF of some sort other than FROG or copyrighted characters. I've been doing a study on paw transformation on my deviant account this is the second in the series, Wolf paws. Again once I've finished I always feel I could of done better.
Froggy Feet by MjR
11087 views, 65 favorites, 1 comment
This is page five of a comic on my Deviant account which I have coloured, just to keep both the foot Transformation and Frog comic on the boil.
Fran To Frog by MjR
13706 views, 59 favorites, 7 comments
This is a re-add as the original went missing.