Fakie Frankie by Mxmaramoose

Fakie Frankie by

Date: 10/10/2020 Views: 4726 Favorites: 11 Comments: 2


Day 9 of #Octransfur: Technology.. sorry this is late Irl stuff got in the way. but now you can enjoy learning all about the newest range of TF Nano Bots! Take it away Frank!


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To Mxmaramoose

I'm doing a transformation music video on Youtube called 'Halloween TFMV 2020' and after what happened when one of my transformation videos got banned due to some stupid copy written infringement rules, I will be making changes of when I upload these videos. All I need is permission to show case the transformation sequences before I start uploading them. So I was wondering if I can use your sequence 'Fakie Frankie' for my video. If you agree to my permission, I will post your name and link to your website or Deviant Art profile next to your name on the description under the Youtube video. Please respond to me as soon as you get this message.


Luis Javier Morgado



Hi, sorry to say I am going to have to decline. I would prefer my art not to be shared in that way and do not consent to you using it in a video. I hope you are having a good day and that you find others who do want to be in your TFMV. 😊