Sudden Centaur TF for Frost by Mxmaramoose

Sudden Centaur TF for Frost by

Date: 6/8/2022 Views: 4808 Favorites: 47 Comments: 10


here's another piece for Frost that I found during my archive cleanout! looks like this poor lady got the spell she was attempting wrong and is now having to deal with four legs instead of two!


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Wait, that's doing it wrong? Shoot, I've been doing it right all this time.


ikr? honestly allways check the listed side effects when consulting your spell book! a lot of teh mess ups are wayyyy more fun than the the spell as intended ^^


I'm sure this is supposed be a G rated Pic. But if it was an adult pic and the horse part isn't the opposite gender as the human part, I'd call it a fail.

I also like it when say the werewolf form is the opposite gender from the human form. Like when human the person is male, but when they change, they become a female wolf.


I mean it is a g rated pic, and I didn't mark it as gender change so no the horse half would not be the opposite gender of the human half.

Kinda rude to call it a fail just because it dosent line up with your preferences bud.


Sorry, didn't mean to be rude. The spell did improve her and made her her sexier. Then if she had remained human.


Could've used Spell-Check... but where's the fun in that?

On the bright side, she's now in stable condition. 7@=Q


XD at least it wasnt Auto-correct! Then she'd be in the garage.


don't protest, darlin, you got a damn pretty horse half out of it. Kudos on the design and patterning on that. thirty years at it, and I'm just starting to learn all those tricks.


Should do a canine TF alongside it, then you'd have a real dog-and-pony show.