Some Cases You Never Forget by Niche

Some Cases You Never Forget by

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“Officer dispatch, there’s a 10-45/9 at 563 Evergreen Road. Be advised, suspect is a 17 year-old male.” Officer Dawson picked up his radio. “Copy, on my way.” Letting out a heavy sigh, he set the radio down and turned on his lights, keeping the sirens silent as he turned off an exit to head to the scene. The call was one of the strangest ones seen, and luckily one of the rarest too. Occasionally a person, randomly, will begin to change, taking on the form of an animal, losing all rationale and memories of their human life. Theories abound as to why or how it happens, but investigators haven’t been able to find any conclusive evidence. Some people think it’s a reaction to vaccinations, or an infection or mutation, and then there are the crazy ones, like nature’s aura or something latches onto these individuals to reclaim them. Regardless, the suspects are always treated as very dangerous, the changes making them erratic and unreasonable, and the possibility of spreading this or other, unknown diseases a very real threat. Though Dawson was particularly good at handling these cases –the jokes going around the station that he should work in animal control- he disliked them. There was nothing he could do to help, other than remove the person before it harmed somebody else. The animals were taken to a lab and caged to be researched, in order to learn about the disease. But what was he gonna say to the parents of this kid. The majority of the time the victims were over 27 and it was incredibly rare for them to be under 23. “Just my luck…” thought Dawson. He drove in grim silence for a couple minutes, before turning into a long winding driveway into the woods and pulled up to the house.

Neil sat on the edge of his bed, staring down at his unfamiliar hands, a tough dark layer of skin covering his fingertips and palms, soft dark brown fur covering his hands. He gritted his pointed teeth as another wave of pain washed over him. He could hear his parents downstairs; his mother’s sobs causing tears to well up in his eyes. “It isn’t fair!” He thought. He had been fine that afternoon. He only even noticed anything was different because he began to itch all over. He raised his shirt and found long white hairs. Over time it had spread, around his arms, his back, and legs, and more recently it’d begun going up his neck. He was confused to say the least, and caught sight of himself in the mirror. His nose had darkened, and his ears were longer than they should have been. Panic began to set in, leading him to pull out the white hairs painfully. But the more he had pulled, the more began to take its place. His dad had found him standing in a small pile of fur, his curled nails drawing blood as he tried desperately to rid himself of it. The next hour had been spent with his family, realizing what was happening as the fur spread, his ears became pointed and long, and spasms racked his body, a tearing sound indicating that a tail had extended from his spine. Once Neil’s eyes turned golden, his pupils thin slits, his father decided it had progressed too far for their safety, and called the police. Feeling betrayed, he had stumbled to his room and here he sat in darkness, cursing his fate. The flashing lights brought him out of his reverie, his ears twitching awkwardly at the sound of a car door closing and mumbled voices below. Terror growing, he buried his face in his hands, tears running down his face and soaking the fur on his cheeks. It couldn’t end like this! He had to escape this! Frenzied, he decided to go out the window and run away. But the changes began to accelerate, fueled by desperation. He pitched forward with a cry, his feet lengthening and toes contorting, his big toes shrinking and retracting. Neil’s tail gained another few inches as a pressure built up behind his face, pushing his nose and mouth forward into a snout, adorned with whiskers. He struggled to pull himself forward, claws digging into the carpet, his fingers crunching and his bones cracking as they adjusted. He lied there panting, his heart hammering as his ears picked up the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, down the hall, and stopping outside his room. He watched as the door opened.

Light spilled into the room, and the first thing Officer Dawson saw were two bright yellow eyes staring back at him in horror. The kid wasn’t a pretty sight, trembling and panting, orange and white fur covered most of his body, his hands and feet looked more like a dog’s paws than human, and a bushy tail writhed back and forth behind him. Dawson showed his hands calmly. “Hey, Neil, I’m here to help...” he said as he slowly walked forward. The foxboy’s ears pressed back against his head and he bared his teeth, responding with a mixture of a growl and a human voice. “Damn,” thought Dawson, “He’s already gone…” He creeped forward slowly, the youth growling and lying closer to the floor. When he was within two feet of the youth, he suddenly lunged forward and grabbed at the boy. The boy yelped and struggled, but Dawson had him pinned and grabbed the scruff of his neck, careful not to get bit or scratched. He held the boy’s front away from him while he struggled. Sweating, Dawson sighed relieved as he held a firm grip. “Come on, let’s go,” he said softly, helping support the boy as he staggered awkwardly forward. He seemed to have given up, occasional tremors shaking him, animalistic whines escaping from his lengthening mouth. Dawson guided him downstairs toward the car, the boy craning his neck as he passed the family room. Dawson opened the door and carefully pushed the boy in, quickly closing it as he pressed himself against the far side of the car. Dawson sighed again and rubbed his brow tiredly, getting in the car to head on back to the station.

Neil trembled inside his cage, curled up in his torn clothes, whining to himself as he thought back to his home in the trees.


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Awesome! Great story!


Love the story. Can you make it into a sequence or a comic?


Poor fox boy :(


Jesus we need to find out on whats going on before this gets anymore worse.


now i need to read more is this to an acutal story u are doooin?