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Buy a costume and win a surprise by Nisharu
30021 views, 175 favorites, 18 comments
Is not good when you buy a magic horse costume and it can turn you in a equitaur one? Updade - Finished the color version
Magic Tablet by Nisharu
14351 views, 137 favorites, 15 comments
The magic tablet, the perfect tablet for artists who want to give more "life" to his art.
Tranformation and its benefits - Kangaroo by Nisharu
11537 views, 126 favorites, 5 comments
An unlucky (or a lucky) boy was turned into a kangaroo with a large rear, typical of the specie.
Power of stripes by Nisharu
8907 views, 108 favorites, 3 comments
An innocent girl who chooses between many pieces of underwear, one that would later change her look forever.
Sharing money is not always good by Nisharu
15650 views, 79 favorites, 9 comments
After all, the leader is the one who has the most money.
Magic snake game by Nisharu
12434 views, 65 favorites, 7 comments
If a snake can grow his own body by eating something during that game, why a taur cannot do the same?
Feel the magic on offer by Nisharu
22740 views, 60 favorites, 14 comments
It's great to catch an offer to increase your fursona I see some furries asking me where the characters from my comics and pics buy these magical items so I created the "Secret Grove" TF Supplies store, in the future I can draw that store.
Awkward and backward fursuit by Nisharu
10781 views, 45 favorites, 6 comments
Make sure to dress a magic fursuit on the right side and have a reserve magic zipper to not happen this kind of situation.
Realistic Foxtaur Suit by Nisharu
4055 views, 32 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for daniel156161 from FA. A sequence about Barteck fox having fun to dress his new foxtaur