I had a TF dream by Fleur De Lynx

I had a TF dream by

Date: 3/8/2017 Views: 2309 Favorites: 29 Comments: 3

Raven and Crow

I just wanted to doodle it out. It was certainly an interesting dream. I certainly don't envy anyone I draw in my TF sequences! Haha.

Had a dream I was Transforming into some kinda corvid. It hurt like hell but hey on the bright side my wings were very pretty.


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My favorite dreams are when I'm able to transform other people into animals, Immediately I start to give my blessing to anyone who gets in my way :)


My favorite dream instead, was when i became an immortal gender shapeshifter and be able to trasform myself (or people) in whatever i want x3 and each trasformation ofc, it pleases me xD (because it feels good uwu) worst part is when i wake up x-x (ya know the why x-x)


A few years ago I had a dream about transforming into a great-horned owl. The dream was amazing as I could see so well in low-light. The colors of everything were different. I was also amazed about how sharp everything appeared in the distance.