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EnjoyingtheChange by PedestrianWolf
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I made that a lot harder than what it should of been! Anyways, this is a guy transforming into a german shepard/beagle mix. He's happy about it. :)
catboy by PedestrianWolf
16465 views, 170 favorites, 6 comments
A lab experiment.
Bull by PedestrianWolf
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Did this as a prize for someone on DA.
Half Way Point by PedestrianWolf
11300 views, 156 favorites, 8 comments
Wolfing up!
Mr Prickly by PedestrianWolf
9100 views, 76 favorites, 6 comments
Growing quills looks like it would hurt. :(
Goat Boy by PedestrianWolf
10628 views, 77 favorites, 9 comments
Yup...a goat. Goat eyes are scary!
Love at First Sight by PedestrianWolf
18768 views, 199 favorites, 9 comments
Oh noez!
Heads or Tails by PedestrianWolf
18544 views, 153 favorites, 10 comments
NEVER play with a cursed coin!
Such a Rat by PedestrianWolf
9891 views, 64 favorites, 0 comments
If you get called something enough, it just may happen...
Politics by PedestrianWolf
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