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HappyHalloweeen! by PedestrianWolf
44142 views, 261 favorites, 23 comments
For a contest on FA. The Halloween candy is tainted with something strange...
TeamSpirit by PedestrianWolf
3 images, 41409 views, 260 favorites, 21 comments
A commission of a couple tfing into an anthro cheetah and lion. At the World Cup in Africa of course. ;)
DayatthePark by PedestrianWolf
5 images, 33344 views, 257 favorites, 16 comments
Commission. Two guys go to a park to play some frisbee. They get a little too into it. XP
EnjoyingtheChange by PedestrianWolf
3 images, 30932 views, 264 favorites, 15 comments
I made that a lot harder than what it should of been! Anyways, this is a guy transforming into a german shepard/beagle mix. He's happy about it. :)
Wolf Mode by PedestrianWolf
2 images, 27901 views, 174 favorites, 9 comments
A commission from FA. He's shifting into a wolf. Yeah! :D
Whats Happening by PedestrianWolf
23789 views, 239 favorites, 23 comments
"Mummy, what's happening?!" "I....I don't know...." edit: smaller image
yogadog by PedestrianWolf
2 images, 23466 views, 218 favorites, 14 comments
A commission from FA. This is a side effect of certain yoga moves...
DinnerTime by PedestrianWolf
22399 views, 181 favorites, 11 comments
For a contest on FA. A hungry snake couldn't find any rodents to eat. So she just hypnotized someone to turn into a nice juicy rat.
Deep Water by PedestrianWolf
19891 views, 211 favorites, 10 comments
Guy turning into an otter. For Anthrocon.
Love at First Sight by PedestrianWolf
18768 views, 199 favorites, 9 comments
Oh noez!