EnjoyingtheChange by PedestrianWolf

EnjoyingtheChange by

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I made that a lot harder than what it should of been! Anyways, this is a guy transforming into a german shepard/beagle mix. He's happy about it. :)


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Much better! The disjointed pictures outside the sequence and misorder of their posting didn't do this one credit. While dog based TFs aren't generally at the top of my personal list, the art here is just too superb not to notice. Clean, clear, expressive, and very well done.


Nice job! very good art!


You know, his anthro form reminds me of the main character from that old Universal Studios movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven". They never mention the character's breed, but he looks just like that!


manakoro: they say his breed in one of the tv series episodes based off it, he is german shephard, and i would love to see another one of him having gone full dog... >.> preferably pantsless


I'd love to see the full dog too... He's all excited and everything and then boom, the TF continues much further than he wanted. Sort of like careful what you wish for.


I'd be cool with seeing another step, but the mood is fine to me. I personally find it refreshing seeing a TF not being some sort of horror/punishment/omg/=( scene. Yeah, they're out there, but they're relatively few and far between from TFs that aren't welcomed upon the subject.


I really like the face in the first panel for some reason. It is really well done. :D


Yeah, he does look like "Charlie"... a bit!


You're a noob aren't you Rex?


i was gonna say it iz like charlie from all dogs go to heaven (collie/german shepard mix)


You should fully change him into a dog! I say more panels!


Pretty. Very well. I adore, when the turning person is happy. Generally speaking who wouldn't be happy during turning into the Shepherd German??? I would be happy and excited about it :)


(There is confusion on here on the breed of Charlie B. Barkin (from the All Dogs Go To Heaven franchise) that this is being compared to; Anne-Marie Bardwell animates a scene in it where Charlie protests the Whippet that a mistake has been made (id est, he isn't dead); and the barely visible photos in the book indicate that he's a Collie and German Shepherd mix. (Hence his collielike tail, real German Shepherds have tails more like Labs do, but you wouldn't know it from the popular media after that.))

He's happy as hell, and it works. ^^


I love the TF's where the 'victim' is enjoying the experience - so long as it wasn't painful, I'd just go with it and enjoy, even if my mind was changed too


I happen to have a german sheperd beagle mix and that's not what it looks like. The're more like a long leggede beagle with german sheperd coloring.