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Terminator Parody Poster by PickleJuice
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I'll be back. Oh. I'm already here. I'm not coming back. I'll just be right here if you need me. It's okay if I just hang out right? I mean you don't have anyone coming over do you? Oh. You do. Well, so sorry. I'll just transform you into a husky before I leave. *bubbles* Part of my movie poster parody series. For continued life, check out my latest comic available at my store! http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/2014/12/06/tfm-03-do-you-like-magic-prestidigitation/
Icedragon by PickleJuice
8901 views, 65 favorites, 8 comments
For the youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNzhvco5qQw There's oddness in the music. You've been warned. Hey. I'm going to Midwest furfest! And... give www.picklejuice13.com a try will ya? Thanks!
Cire bat animation by PickleJuice
10497 views, 50 favorites, 3 comments
Cire gets hit with a ray that TFs him into a bat. Hilarity definitely sues. Who knew lazers could go so wrong? Youtube video version: http://youtu.be/QOHxHuuWYU8 For more TF fun, see: http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/categ/dls/
Cheerwolf by PickleJuice
12614 views, 45 favorites, 4 comments
She didn't read the label. Pay no attention to the madness lurking under the sound. For more women-turning-into-dog fun, check out my "dog collar" comic on my site http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/2014/05/03/tf-magazine-1-dog-collar-cel-shaded-color/
Subject To Change: The Pup 2 Cover art by PickleJuice
6813 views, 23 favorites, 0 comments
Joe’s girlfriend drops him off at the puppy boyfriend park. But the other dogs have a nefarious plan.. I'm providing the high quality 300 DPI print quality comics for sale on my site. http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/2014/06/07/stc-the-pup-2-dog-park/
Subject To Change: The Pup Cover art by PickleJuice
5490 views, 16 favorites, 1 comment
Joe Subject’s girlfriend puts a magic collar on him that transforms him into a short, obedient, anthro puppy boyfriend. Her friend Marcy stops by and mixes things up. I'm providing the high quality 300 DPI print quality comics for sale on my site. http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/2014/05/31/subject-to-change-the-pup-1-joe-subject/
Hyena girl tf by PickleJuice
14776 views, 93 favorites, 5 comments
Anyone recognize this? It's based off a sketch I did a long time ago. This picture is similar to a comic I did where a woman makes her dog happy when a dog collar transforms her. http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/2014/05/03/tf-magazine-1-dog-collar-cel-shaded-color/
Blackwolf-Marriage-Ani-Sm by PickleJuice
11231 views, 33 favorites, 2 comments
Mawwige. That Dweam ... wivvin a dweam... that goes on foevvah.... and evahhh.... Hey. Check out more of my TF comics here: http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/categ/dls/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onkZIrzVAnI This took 3 hours livestreaming to draw, and a couple more hours to synch up and turn into a video. Hey. Check out more of my TF comics here: http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/categ/dls/
ADF Alley Science soft by PickleJuice
9597 views, 59 favorites, 5 comments
ADF TFs someone into a dragon using his biochmical stingers in a back alley. This is the soft version. For another dragon TF, check out http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com/2014/05/10/tf-magazine-8-xilm-the-dragon/
Subject To Change: Turtle Fan by PickleJuice
28 images, 33319 views, 95 favorites, 23 comments
Here's another chapter in the "Subject To Change" saga. He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!"And here’s the end of “Turtle Fan” as I originally presented it in my webcomic Subject To Change! He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!" (Yes, I know they're displaying out of order, but fixing it would involve downloading, renaming, and reuploading all 28. When you save them they should dispaly in order on your comptuer) For new subject to change, visit my webs...