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cirerat by PickleJuice
6 images, 36998 views, 135 favorites, 7 comments
It's a TF attack! Someone has a ray gun and is turning this guy into a rat...
wolvensm by PickleJuice
10 images, 36602 views, 171 favorites, 7 comments
Wolven transformation - always a classic...
Walt TF TG Latex Tigress by PickleJuice
36035 views, 210 favorites, 10 comments
Full deluxe color of a man who just got transformed by a latex suit into a shiny tigress. I think I did a halfway decent job on it. Enjoy! I'm open for commissions. Click on my name here on Tranfur and let me know what you think of my prices!
BRENANIsm by PickleJuice
20 images, 35039 views, 140 favorites, 8 comments
It's an awesome new hat! It- it fits really REALLY tight I- Wuh! HEEEY! I'm a cougar! This is aw- woah. Is that? B- b- BIG! BIG! Oh, WOAH! I- Prrf! Video version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42gCkf9EbTY
Sonix Fox by PickleJuice
22 images, 33962 views, 51 favorites, 15 comments
Pages 19-22 have a detailed TF. The rest is story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PStIwO_b1zM https://www.patreon.com/picklejuice Sonix Fox is a story I wrote and sketched years ago. It illustrates why there's so many transformations happening in my universe, AND it explains who is doing it. It's my attempt at a "serious" superhero type comic with real people and real emotions. And foxes. Can't forget the foxes.
Subject To Change: Turtle Fan by PickleJuice
28 images, 33548 views, 95 favorites, 23 comments
Here's another chapter in the "Subject To Change" saga. He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!"And here’s the end of “Turtle Fan” as I originally presented it in my webcomic Subject To Change! He's the kind of boy who'd PROUDLY say "I LIKE TURTLES!" (Yes, I know they're displaying out of order, but fixing it would involve downloading, renaming, and reuploading all 28. When you save them they should dispaly in order on your comptuer) For new subject to change, visit my webs...
silence by PickleJuice
5 images, 32138 views, 133 favorites, 11 comments
Whenever he hears explosions and danger, Silence leaps to the defense! Old commission by Dreugan. Love ya, man.
samagthrachange by PickleJuice
3 images, 31860 views, 169 favorites, 14 comments
Samagthra changes from a human to a spectacular dragon.
gummycolatiger by PickleJuice
31603 views, 164 favorites, 18 comments
I totally had this ready to go for the Transfur Halloween Artist's Challenge. Then I spaced and never uploaded it. Ah, well. Here it is. Enjoy! And the candy that I randomly found to assist: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/208630297/Cola_shape_gummy_candy_with_tray.html
STC; Kieth Konsequences by PickleJuice
40 images, 30185 views, 145 favorites, 9 comments
The bully from "Turtle Fan" is having some unintended side effects to his bullying of the growing Turtle Fan. Become a patron and check out the sweet exclusive Subject To Change extras at my patreon: http://www.patreon.com/picklejuice More subject to change: Subject To Change 1-21 Puppy Boyfriend 1 1: http://picklejuice13.deviantart.com/art/Subject-To-Change-1-49933594 Subject To Change 22 to 60 Growing Dogg Boy 1: http://picklejuice13.deviantart.com/art/Subject-To-Change-...