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Serval to anthro TF by PickleJuice
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A reproduction of a photo in the collection of a world traveller. He thought nothing of it at the time. He thought he was just taking a picture of a native Serval cat about to eat a large fish. In stead, he caught on camera the creature as it's transformed into a humanoid form. The world traveller plans to return to the jungle at his first opportunity, with more film. A 1 hour stream commission. Got to flat color stage. Please commission me! Thanks!
JD-Panda-Shocked by PickleJuice
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Walking through the zoo, JD looked around and realized he was lost. He glimpsed a panda in the tree nearby - no fence! He was in the panda display! For a while he was happy! He approached the pandas, and they were friendly and gentle, letting JD pet them. Then, JD felt fur growing on his belly. He looked for a door out of the display. Then, he felt fur growing on his right foot. He still couldn't find a door or anything to get out. Then, he felt himself start to change, getting chubb...
PICKLEJUICE movie poster by PickleJuice
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This features my fursona, a sloth with red scarf, green shirt, portable shirt, and nopants. He thinks he's Beetlejuice! I will be streaming live on the hypercubes tomorrow. That's June 21, 2012. 5 PM Central Standard Time. Until 9 PM. http://www.livestream.com/picklejuice - Warning! Some adult content! Email me at picklejuice_13@yahoo.com if you're interested in reserving a slot. $5 10 minute challenge sketch $15 1 hour 4 slots open See my DA journal for up-to-date info on ...
Farkle the Corgi by PickleJuice
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Farkle was getting good at the "hold the biscuit on the nose but don't eat it" trick. But Master started asking him to stand up on his hind legs, then balance it with his forepaws, then pick it up off his nose and eat it like a human eats a carrot. Sheesh! A corgi wants to please his master, but this was getting ridiculous! "Well, there's no getting around it", thought Farkle. "I'll have to physically transform myself in order to make master happy." So he did! Master was so happy. Do...
Adf Hydra Suit Freedom by PickleJuice
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Wearing the large suit was deceptive. She was *supposed* to look like a monster, wearing it. But it was, and still is, just a skin-tight leathery suit with claws, tail, and two fake heads. She left it unzipped just an inch in the front. As the night wore on, her body changed under the suit, bulging outwards and connecting new tissues. She enjoyed strutting around the party, the looks from the other costumed people growing more and more disturbed. "Did she always have claws like that?" "No...
Caesar's little terrier by PickleJuice
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Caesar once had a mistress. Then he got a special collar for her, and now she's HIS pet! Yay for belly rubs! I made this stand-alone piece of transformation art to help get the word out that I'm selling TF Magazine 1: Dog Collar, featuring Caesar and his mistress in their first transformation story. On sale here at my website: http://www.picklejuice13.com/index.php/2011/10/13/tfm-01-dog-collar-electronic-copy-for-sale-now/ (NSFW!) Thanks!
Lizard 8 AD Dragon Transformation by PickleJuice
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Sketch by Lizard 8 AD. Ink and color and quick shading by me. Stepping out of the shower, Lizard 8 AD finds the strange liquid mixed in with his shower water hast started to transform him... into a dragon.
Dark Werepony -Adjusted by PickleJuice
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Insomnia is a cruel mistress.
Dark werepony by PickleJuice
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"Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a pony when the nightoat blooms and the autumn moon is bright." An attempt at a very darkly colored image with something lurking in the darkness that's actually cute.
Walt TF TG Latex Tigress by PickleJuice
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Full deluxe color of a man who just got transformed by a latex suit into a shiny tigress. I think I did a halfway decent job on it. Enjoy! I'm open for commissions. Click on my name here on Tranfur and let me know what you think of my prices!