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Forced Transformation
Lucky Coin

He pinched the golden coin between his fingers, staring at it with a look of disdain. "You found this in a pig?" He remarked, staring at his wife, not able to believe his own question.

"It's fine, Anthony," She muttered, shaking her head with a grin. "It's just some coin I found in the pig. I washed it and everything."

"Okay, that's fine and all... but what was the coin doing in the pig?"

She looked at Anthony, then at the coin in his hand. "I actually had to look that up. Some village, back in the day, would hide a coin inside the animal that was being cooked. When the feast began, whoever found the coin would be said to have good luck and be well-fed for the rest of their lives." She smiled, giving Anthony a kiss on the cheek. "It's yours now, honey. You mean so much to me, and I want you to be happy."

Anthony gave a smile, kissing her in return. "Alright. I'll keep it. I'll also find some way to repay you for this."

She chortled, already turning around to walk out of the room. "No need. I thought you'd like it. Want your usual cut of meat? I know how much you like the belly!"

He gave an absent-minded nod, still staring at the coin in his hand as his wife left the room. "Of course. You know pig is my favorite!"

The coin was now nestled into the palm of his hand so he could get a better look at it. "This some sorta magic pig coin?" He leaned closer to it, looking at the coin's smooth surface. "It's got no picture or nothing on it! Good luck? Well-fed? How's it s'pposed to do that?"

With a gentle swish of his hand, Anthony attempted to flick the coin onto his bed for later viewing, but he found the coin was stuck. "Huh? She must've not cleaned it all the way.... Ew." He lifted his hand up, shaking it wildly. "Eww. Eww. Eww. Eww... meat germs! Eww!" He flailed his hand around, finding the coin would not come off. "Get off, you stupid coin! I gotta wash my hands!"

After his futile attempts at dislodging the coin from his hand, he took another look at it. It wasn't the same circular shape it was before. In fact, it looked like it was starting to mold into his hand. "Gah! No! No! No! What are you doing? Stop!" He tried to grab the coin with his other hand, but found his attempt fruitless.

Holding the coin up, he stared at it, long and hard, seeing it slowly meld into his hand.... Disturbing. Never in his life had he seen something like this! Never had he ever seen a coin start fusing itself to his.... Wait, why were his clothes feeling tight?

Anthony put his hands back down, looking at both of them. The tips of his fingers became black and hard. At first, he thought it was some form of Gangrene, but he realized his assumption was wrong when his fingers started to fuse together like some sort of putty, making two round, fat fingers in place of the four he once had.

"No! No! No! What's going on?" He remarked in horror as thin, wiry, brown hairs slowly sprouted from his widening arms. He put his fingers to his face, feeling it with an ever-rising panic. His nose was no longer the round button shape from before. His nostrils had all since flattened against his face. He then found his ears. Pointed... and getting bigger than they were before. Placing his hands back on his nose, he found that his face was getting longer.

In the silence of this disturbing transformation, Anthony could feel his human face deform. Two of his teeth were jutting out of his mouth like tusks, slowly inching their way out of his mouth like growing flowers. His nose was big, round, and protruding from his new snout, turning his skin a dull greyish color as it inched out more and more.

"H...hon..." Anthony couldn't speak. The shirt around his neck was suddenly getting too tight for him. It was choking him.

With a swift motion, he dug his pudgy, ever widening, hands into his shirt and ripped it apart, revealing to him that his widening chest was now getting covered with the same hair that had been growing on his arms.

His belly, once flat and boasting a lean figure, was now starting to swell in corpulent portions of hearty fat as the definition in his abs soon vanished under a layer thick adipose tissue and fluff.

Riiiiiiip. Anthony put his hands to his hind-quarters, disturbed, but unsurprised, to find a tail starting to grow. "No. No. No..... Honey?" He called, staring down at his legs, deforming , bending ever so slightly as his feet elongated out of his shoes, causing the shoes to start to burst at the seams. "No! Not my new shoes!" He bent over in an attempt to pull off his shoes, but found that his rotund belly made it impossible for him to do so without struggle.

By the time he reached his shoes, he was too late. The adhesive on the shoes had given way and his now-large toes popped out, already molding together into two black, hardened hooves.

Anthony was perplexed, unsure of what just happened to him or what he should do. It took three minutes before he felt... normal again, but it was not the normal he once knew. The changes had finally stopped with the popping of the button on his shorts, and all he could do was stare at the figure before him in the mirror. A pig.... Boar, perhaps? Warthog? He didn't know. But he wasn't human anymore.

He looked back to his hand that the coin had molded into. The coin was gone. He expected that at this point. Resting his wide arms on his new belly and interlocking his fingers, Anthony called out. "Honey... could I... have a salad instead? I don't think I wanna eat pig right now."