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Sneck's snake Tf by Samarline
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Sneck from One-Punch Man is turning into a snake. Pretty obvious choice of animal, isn't it? Will be updated soon. UPD (14.03.19): After next update this tf will be marked as "for mature audiences only".
Datz Are'bal Iguana tf rough sketches by Samarline
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Rough sketches of detalized Datz Are'bal's tf into iguana. UPD: Finally updated two last pieces.
Datz Are'bal iguana tf by Samarline
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Datz didn't know how he changed and who is responsible for his transformation but he'll sure return the favor. Datz Are'bal (c) Ace Attorney Spirit of justice, Capcom
Luis Sera Verdugo tf by Samarline
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An alternative fate of Luis Sera in Resident evil 4. What if instead of killing him, Lord Saddler decides to turn him into a verdugo?