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Nightfirer dragon anthro by Sevencarpileup
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This one is sort of a midTF (I know it looks like another post TF >.>) but his shirt has a lil rippy at the back so he did start human :P and Nightfirer has the full dragon version commissioned by a diff artist before I did this one. I have got two commissioned sequences coming but both contian content which isnt allowed here, so I might post censored versions here. Also ZOMG FURAFFINITY ACCOUNT !
blatant boobery complete by Sevencarpileup
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Not sure if people will still get the fact that this is post transformation, but still it was a bit of fanservice and since alot of my fans came from here on Transfur I thought I'd share the love :) .... and boobies. Oh and I made an account over on for images which arnt allowed on DA or here on TF
Husky colour by Sevencarpileup
12073 views, 152 favorites, 9 comments
The rubber pants! They do the moonwalk! He's wearing one of the shirts I designed and put up on
Naga by Sevencarpileup
13987 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Another request from DA, Here is sukinaga 's request. Again it wasnt overly specified as to what he wanted the character to look like besides turning into a naga. So I did what I could given the upper half of the body doesnt really change. Made his features a lil more snakelike and did the fusing legs thing. Gave him a pet boa cause it looked cool and I felt like these pictures should involve a trigger every now n then. Yes he his nude but I figure I'll go by the wookie rule, fur or scales cov...
blondie by Sevencarpileup
8174 views, 61 favorites, 3 comments
Another request from DA, Blondie55 requested that he be morphed into his arctic fox/dhole hybrid fursona while doin his DJ thing.
Ferret by Sevencarpileup
12377 views, 137 favorites, 10 comments
Another request from DA, I thought to myself. All of my transformations have been buldgey rippy and growing as such. So since this one is a tiny animal I thought she could shrink this time. So here is ferret lass in her top. I originally thought of doing somthing a lil more silly since Ignis didnt actually ask for anything specific, just A character. So to picture what I drew to start, think of hulk hogan when he was in his prime in nothing but speedos. Flexing and with a ferrets face and feet.
Husky by Sevencarpileup
7844 views, 95 favorites, 4 comments
Another request from DA, KHKYLE2 requested that he be turned into a Husky. I said Yea Verily.
dragonaide by Sevencarpileup
11810 views, 108 favorites, 13 comments
Another request from DA, Dragonaide asked for the tail growing from the spine as opposed to the legs fusing together so thar he grows. YARR, I'm a pirate today.
Mortaleredwolf by Sevencarpileup
12145 views, 68 favorites, 3 comments
Another request from DA, it is Mortaleredwolf's narutoverse character turning into a redpanda/chinese dragon'ish creature. I did my best to put her hands in the dragon seal while I was at it :D
magicalmelonball final by Sevencarpileup
12831 views, 76 favorites, 6 comments
This is my part of an art trade with Magicalmelonball over on DA. Its her hubby turning into a Spirited away style dragon.