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blatant boobery complete by Sevencarpileup
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Not sure if people will still get the fact that this is post transformation, but still it was a bit of fanservice and since alot of my fans came from here on Transfur I thought I'd share the love :) .... and boobies. Oh and I made an account over on for images which arnt allowed on DA or here on TF
centaur steph shades and by Sevencarpileup
25409 views, 257 favorites, 8 comments
Heres an image I did of a friend transforming into a centaur See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at
pwn star bunny by Sevencarpileup
20043 views, 297 favorites, 6 comments
A friends character transforming into a rabbit. See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at
steph lynx by Sevencarpileup
18863 views, 234 favorites, 4 comments
Same friend from the centaur pic, now she's taken a concotion to turn her into a lynx!
cearenbow by Sevencarpileup
16400 views, 124 favorites, 7 comments
Cearenbows request. Its his charcter Penelope turning into a dragon of sorts.
Nightfirer dragon anthro by Sevencarpileup
16263 views, 101 favorites, 7 comments
This one is sort of a midTF (I know it looks like another post TF >.>) but his shirt has a lil rippy at the back so he did start human :P and Nightfirer has the full dragon version commissioned by a diff artist before I did this one. I have got two commissioned sequences coming but both contian content which isnt allowed here, so I might post censored versions here. Also ZOMG FURAFFINITY ACCOUNT !
Dragon girl by Sevencarpileup
14618 views, 150 favorites, 7 comments
Girl going dragon! See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at
Naga by Sevencarpileup
13868 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Another request from DA, Here is sukinaga 's request. Again it wasnt overly specified as to what he wanted the character to look like besides turning into a naga. So I did what I could given the upper half of the body doesnt really change. Made his features a lil more snakelike and did the fusing legs thing. Gave him a pet boa cause it looked cool and I felt like these pictures should involve a trigger every now n then. Yes he his nude but I figure I'll go by the wookie rule, fur or scales cov...
Belle by Sevencarpileup
12768 views, 162 favorites, 6 comments
Just a fox girl. See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at
magicalmelonball final by Sevencarpileup
12732 views, 76 favorites, 6 comments
This is my part of an art trade with Magicalmelonball over on DA. Its her hubby turning into a Spirited away style dragon.