ambrose by Sirenz

ambrose by

Date: 4/29/2006 Views: 31720 Favorites: 81 Comments: 7


This is Sabin Duvert's character Ambrose. It's for an RP pet shop on Gaia. Ambrose doesn't have a clue what will happen to him... haaa!


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Yay for Sirenz. I've been watching the whole IoDM Gaia thing from a distance and I love your art! Welcome to Transfur!


I hate being all nitpicky.. I mean great art awesome job and everything on the Tfs.. but.. why does this guy's shirt change in the middle? O.o


Tyger - the change does not occur all at once, it takes place over a longer period of time (weeks, months)


very cool!! your coloring is AWESOME! i want that shirt (top one)


I'm asking the same question as Tyger. I understand that it happens over time, but you have him wearing the same clothes in the first and last panel.. If it was over time, you probably should of given him different clothes in the last panel or kept them all the same.


the end of the sequence:


good work but, the shirt color changes in the middle.