BRING THA BOOOM!!! - Tails to Boom Knuckles TF by Sonicspirit

BRING THA BOOOM!!! - Tails to Boom Knuckles TF by

Date: 2/11/2021 Views: 7906 Favorites: 11 Comments: 1


Tails had asked Knux how to get more ripped, and Knux gave him a month-long comprehensive training plan and a pair of knuck-claw gloves! Not too shabby for a guy who's supposedly illiterate!

A week in and Tails is starting to see some results! Shows what can happen with a good training plan!

Halfway through the program, and Tai/kles is really feeling fired up! Nothing like an epic training program to give you a new outlook on life!

Tuckles's training program is doing awesome! Eggman even helped him out by sending some badniks to attack...not that that was his intention, but can't argue with these guns!

The training program is complete, and Knuckles is extremely happy with the payoff! And why not, he looks amazing!


A commission for Don-Mac on FurAffinity! He had a really awesome concept for a TF of Tails into the Sonic Boom version of Knux, and wrote this amazing sequence of Tails transforming via a training plan put together by Knux! Well, he definitely got results!


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This must be why Sonic needs to keep finding someone else to turn into Tails.