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strange-candy- by Swatcher
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Taste Test 1 by Swatcher
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Try this free sample of FlavorGel! It's filling!
Mardi Gras by Swatcher
22849 views, 105 favorites, 14 comments
I've grown a costume to your face!
taste-testing by Swatcher
22178 views, 36 favorites, 5 comments
It Suits You! by Swatcher
21388 views, 86 favorites, 14 comments
See, the box didn't end up having a costume inside... but he managed to change into it before the party anyway.
Look Into My Eyes by Swatcher
19835 views, 46 favorites, 7 comments
Ooops, spilled snake paint all over your arm, did you? Well then...
Orc in the mirror by Swatcher
19550 views, 71 favorites, 9 comments
Stupid sentient costume armor!
This is Wizard Turf by Swatcher
18274 views, 61 favorites, 4 comments
We won't have no punk-ass muggles promoting on our corner! Wizard lyfe. You know how facepaint usually looks kinda... uh, I guess a little bit weird on account of the proportions of the face? I always thought it would rock if a transformation just happened that would solve that problem. It's kinda like costume TF only with makeup instead of a mask kinda. I DUNNO. Anyway, I like this idea.
Red Zipper Green Zipper by Swatcher
17323 views, 73 favorites, 12 comments
These things are flying off the shelves!
Production Timeline by Swatcher
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BML Plastics & Manufacturing, Ltd. has rather unorthodox methods, but I can assure you one thing: synergetic relationships between products and markets are their top priority.