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[Animation] Summer by Taitora
4125 views, 12 favorites, 7 comments
[Animation] Inner Beast by Taitora
3999 views, 21 favorites, 4 comments
[Animation] Eevee TF by Taitora
5141 views, 55 favorites, 5 comments
Tiger by Taitora
7 images, 5787 views, 50 favorites, 3 comments
Karma by Taitora
4 images, 10514 views, 42 favorites, 6 comments
He got what he deserves. Punishment TF for CelestialRainicorn.
Mystery Food Truck by Taitora
3 images, 6238 views, 38 favorites, 1 comment
Have a doodles trade with TFsneps on Twitter He and I tried out the new food truck nearby together. Well the food isn't so bad but...
Infected Wounds by Taitora
3 images, 5542 views, 35 favorites, 1 comment
Doodles for Shaprite on Furaffinity
Midnight Wolf by Taitora
4 images, 5011 views, 23 favorites, 0 comments
TF practice doodles I drew for Lucariark on Twitter
Jurassic World by Taitora
2 images, 8425 views, 39 favorites, 3 comments
I finally have some free time to see a movie. "Why are the people around me screaming? Hey I'm watching a movie here. Could you quiet down please?"
Snow Leopard's Curse by Taitora
2931 views, 22 favorites, 1 comment
An icon trade I did with Portaljaguar2 on FurAffinity. The same transformation theme as mine.