COMMISSION: Don't Be An Ass by taklayyankovic

COMMISSION: Don't Be An Ass by

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I don't usually draw donkey (or really full animal) TFs, but this was a commission. I had to watch the transformation scene from Disney's Pinocchio a few times to get the feel for this... I don't know why I've never actually seen Pinocchio before. But the TF scene is like, super creepy to me. D:


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Super creepy? Haha, speak for yourself!

This is superb though.


Nice work as always, tak! :)


I AM speaking for myself... thus why I said it was creepy to ME... just to me, of course. :P Everyone else must love it.



Historically, when Disney first released their version of Pinocchio, the donkey transformation scene was literally the scariest part of the movie as it scared nearly every child in the theater on the first day. It was such a disturbing scene to children at the time that today we honestly cannot see why it would be a scary event to witness. But to some modern people today, they still get scared watching that scene if they've never seen it before.

All in all, however, you did a good job with this picture.


I watched Pinocchio as a kid and TF scene in it scared the shit out of me! Anyways... nice work!


I recently seen the TF scene, and though it was really well done (especially for its time), it was still pretty horrifying, the way he freaks out and all...


I just re-watched that scene 0_0 it's so creepy!!!

Pinocchio's eyes are horrible 0_0 and lampwick seems so desperately scared


realy, it creeps you guys out???


I think it's the way Lampwick freaks out. I just don't like seeing people in deep distress/calling for their mom like that. Which is weird, 'cause I usually have no problems with that sort of thing. Just linked to bad memories for me.

Can we not discuss Pinocchio and just fap over sexy transformation artwork?


Haha. Well, if I were to affirm your last wish tak I sure won't mention it. (kidding). But my first thought when seeing this was, how weird if the Tf were to just stop there? :P


I'm sorry, I'm going to ignore your wish to bring up something that has interested me for some time now. Sorry in advance. I also thought that that scene in Pinocchio was scary as a kid. But now look at us: we're all here on this Transformation site.

Seeing as how a majority of the people who left comments feel the same, does anyone think there could be a link between being scared by something like that as a child and growing to like it sexually as an adult?

Sorry, again. It is just a question I've been asking myself for some years now.


Lizard: It's okay, it just that this doesn't really seem like the place to deeply discuss it. :P But you make up an interesting point. I never saw Pinocchio properly as a kid and I've never been afraid of the concept, so it doesn't count for me, but I've noticed it in other things and other people. I think there may very well be a link between fetishes and fear. I've seen it with TF, and in people who have a fetish for balloons. Also possibly in people who are into being humiliated?

I'm starting to think that Transfur needs a forum, haha.


I agree on the need for a forum, and for the record I also found the Pinocchio tf scene pretty creepy. Great work nonetheless