Nudibranch TF by taklayyankovic

Nudibranch TF by

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My last doodles of 2011 get compiled and coloured. Nudibranch! (Or, well, Nudari, who are my anthro nudibranch aliens...) I didn't put much thought into a story and it shows, so make one up for yourselves, hehe. Happy new year, folks!


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Love it :) Always like your stuff :D


Cool idea


now we need a theme of "Transgender: Gender loss"


Or in this case, "Transgender: Herm" ;)


I like it. :)

Shoul've kept the boobs thoe.


tre3tre More boobs equals more views? Hehehe.


Side effects may include hair loss, tail growth, boob loss, and mental changes. Tell your doctor if your skin color changes, as this could be the sign of a serious transformation :0


cometstrife You can't go wrong with boobs. :)


Is there a story to go along with this TF? ^_^


I personally prefer the lack of boobs after :) I wish there were more female to male-like TFs!


tre3tre I keep hearing people say that my stuff needs more boobs. But, for the species, there is no biological reason for boobs, and I don't really like adding breasts to things just so they're easier for guys to fap to. That said, I guess I'm also just one of the few who's into more FtM-esque things... :P Thanks anyway though, lol.

truerestoration As said in the description, there isn't any particular story I was thinking of while drawing these. Not yet, anyway. Feel free to come up with your own story and idea of what the trigger might be. ^^


Heh, so its a herm... does that mean that it multiplies asexually like many squishy worm-like things do? It could be interesting to see a mitosis tf. Regardless, I think she is very pretty: I think sea slugs and the like are quite adorable, and was pleasantly surprised to see an anthro of one that is not monstrous (see Bioshock if you want an example of more monstrous sea slugs). My favorite of the "Nudibranches" are sea angels: The sea slugs that look like they have they have long, feathery wings (due to those fin-like protuberances on its back). Lastly, you make very attractive humans: a key skill lacking for many tf artists, that actually greatly adds to the essence of the art in a transformation sequence


SeaCigar Hehe, thank you! (Although this isn't my best example of a well-drawn human, I admit.) As for their reproduction, with what I've thought up for this version of "anthro nudibranch people" specifically, as hermaphrodites, they have a functional penis and vagina; the genitals intertwine during intercourse and they impregnate each other simultaneously. Real nudibranchs look like they are "holding hands" when they're mating, but I couldn't help but feel that having their organs in more familiar locations with somewhat more familiar forms would be more... interesting? I have a drawing of two mating on my adult FA account (link's in my profile), heh. :)


It was kind of embarassing: she had been on dry land for so long she forgot that she needed to head back to the water. Her kind had sent her 'carrier' slug to remind her that she had to let others have a turn on dry land. After all, there were only so many carriers that could withhold her species' native shape granting them the form of man to explore the surface. She removed her cloths and placed them on the ground to save them for the next pseudohuman to surface. It was awkward enough when she had to find them on her initial venture. She thought back as her form shifted and walked waterward and remembered the fantastic things she had discovered, what a world to share. It would be a while before she could be here again. Gripping a rock protruding from the water tightly the air became harder to breath. One day. With a splash she dove. Her body had settled and she took a deep breath of the sea. For now, it was good to be home.


A quick edit for those interested: the "sea angel" slug is more commonly called a "glaucus nudibranch", in case you want to run a search to find what they look like.


Never seen a nudibranch TF before. Mega points for originality.


Artist-Guy: That was lovely. :D

SeaCigar: Ahh, the blue sea dragon! A most beautiful nudi. I had wondered if that was what you meant, since an image search for "sea angel" brings up a different but very cute sea slug.

Cischiral: :D Thanks!


What's their gender now?


Un-Artistic: It's not outwardly obvious, but they are a hermaphrodite now, as all nudibranchs are hermaphrodites.


I love the detail of the discarded hair floating up :)