squirrelboy by Terrifel

squirrelboy by

Date: 12/4/2004 Views: 32918 Favorites: 153 Comments: 22


This image is based on a fever dream I had a while ago, and is drawn in the style of the 'You'll never improve if you obsess to the point where you never finish anything so just bite the bullet and DRAW' school of art.


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Very nice. Mirrors are always useful in a TF, or any picture, for that matter, fitting more character in less space.


That is a seriously good piece of artwork, and a great idea.


Very good work, I really like the soft coloring scheme and detail.


W0W! That is awesome!


Awesome Awesome Awesome tf, there are so few new squirrel tfs being done, and your style is great. It's even a sequence!


No, dreams are not funny....jk


Drawn as if you had the real thing to work off of. Way cool.


Now thats something to wake up to! Bravo :)


heh, cute.


Cute full animal TF! What was a story? Did he becobe a boy back?


Simply gorgeous. He could stop at that stage for my taste. :)


Yeah. Wonderful drawings. Very cute squirrely.

Your detail on the human hands to rodent forepaws is amazing. The picture where the squirrelboy holds up his shirt to show the scale of his shrinking is a nice touch.

-Fractal Squirrel


Wow, this is a GREAT picture. I can imagine it being in a kids' picture book about a squirrel TF ("My Life in the Trees"?) Beautiful detail & coloring & the mirror perspective really works - it definitely has that "this is really happening - to ME!" quality to it.


More excellent work from terrifel. Keep it up!


Absolutley adorable. I agree that showing him holding the shirt is a great attention to detail to show his size diffrence. I do wonder why there are so few squirrel tfs (literature and art). They do seem to be a well loved critter and these two pics do seem to have a story behind them.

I also agree on the comment from the first image about how it looks like something from a childrens book about a boy becomming a squirrel.


Come to think of it, why doesn't someone submit a manuscript for said childrens' book?


Great way of de-stigmafying furries a few years down the line.


DUde that was a really good pic i like all your opics your offically my favorite artist!


could you describe the dream? (i loves dreams!)




you have a gift when it comes to shading fur. Excellent as always.


Rusty (if you ever see this), This reminds me of the original paperback cover of a children's book by Bruce Coville (The Monster's Ring). (http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/images/n5/n26637.jpg) Except of course, yours is far better Terrifel.


The perspective of this is excellent! The enviornment elements and even the hand fingers perfectly match their mirror counterparts!

The description is interesting too I'm glad you decided to draw and share this :3