TF Pin Up Calander (wip 02) Miss January by tfancred

TF Pin Up Calander (wip 02) Miss January by

Date: 7/1/2016 Views: 2646 Favorites: 4 Comments: 3

Polar Bear

Here is the second version of Miss January for my upcomming tf pinup calander. I add a level of subdivisionn to the base mesh to allow me to have a little bit more anatomic details, including claws, some muscles, fat tissues and bones. Comments are really welcomed! ;-) Please, help me to make this project as cool as possible!

For info, here are the other months subjects!

January : A Polar Bear (Transformation in her bed while sleeping)

February : A Mouse (Turned into a rodent by cursed chocolates)

March : Sheep (No context yet)

April : A Bunny laying a few eggs for Easter

May : A bird

June : A guy turned into a cow during a BBQ

Jully : A fish like mermaid

August : An otter

September : A monkey in the metro

October : Black cat in a cimetary

November : Seel

December : Reindeer transformation while wrapping presents


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for November do you mean seal?


Yes! ;-)


Sounds ambitious, but looking great so far! Best of luck!!