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Nutcracker by

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Tail Growth

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Ok! On last hollyday image for this season!

This one have been suggested by Edinjapan!

Original suggestion : Here's a seasonal idea. A ballerina from the production of the Nutcracker turning into a mouse.

So, for the story, Nadia was the newest addition of the "Grands Ballets Canadiens". She wanted to be as good as possible for her first performance. She went to a weird shop in the mall nearby. It was known to have some magical items that could help people. She asked for something that would help her to personify any roles she would be given. This is how, on the night premiere, she started to turn into a mouse. Even if she does feel weird, she didn't noticed it yet. She's just deceided to give her best for this premiere even if her whole body is tingling and her butt feel really weird!


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Really good x3 and this time isn't in a mall XD if not, would get in the same reference as the other c: but anyways good work :3


I didn’t used the mall that often... Did I?


no x3 i've seen only two :o


Not sure what character she's meant to be playing, but I'm sure the Mouse King would be down with this development.


Pretty sure, res! XD


Ah, les petits rats. X3


Ah, tu parles français?