Sheep SHAGA Tf by tfancred

Sheep SHAGA Tf by

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Forced Transformation
Minor Inconvenients

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Ok! Story time!!!

So, let me talk you about the SHAGA. This pretty common disease (I created for a fictionnal universe) is caused by a virus that changes the patient DNA. Sometime someone can turn into an anthropomorphic animal, gain an extra pair of arm, get a full sex change, etc.

Oh, by the way, SHAGA stands for Syndrome of Human Artificial Genetic Alteration.

Now, you know what is this thing, let me introduce you Shirley! Over the last two weeks, she turned into this lovely creature. It all started one day. She woke up very weak and lost conciousness right after she left her bed. Rushed to the hospital, she learned that she got this stupid Syndrome of Human Artificial Genetic Alteration!

Back at home, the changes were already starting. Her hair were getting white and her face looked weird.

When she woke up the day after, it was her ears, then, she notice that her body hair were getting thicker. For a few days, she tried her best to shave them, but they came back in only minutes.

After only two weeks, she now had cute horns, hooves as feet and she lost two whole finger. At least, she'll be able to make cloths out of her own wool!


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And she's a ewe with horns? How embarrassing!


Yeah, I know! XD


what a ewe is? XD


Basically, a female goat!


for me is more an emoticon face than a female goat x3 if not you goat to be kitten me :D


So instead of googling it, you had to ask the artist? That's very rude, and annoying.


A ewe is a female sheep. A *doe* is a female goat.

Annnnd in some breeds of sheep, it is perfectly normal (even expected; look up Jacob sheep!) for ewes to have horns. To be fair, Shirley's are unusually large for ewe horns, and the curl is a rather odd. Hmm.


not it is not mitchell :/ i was making sure that google won't mess the research :P but anyways isn't even annoying, annoying means someone that keeps whinning, spamming and stuff, mine was a simple question and also i did some puns up there :P if you have no sense of humor then don't say anything^^" + i don't know certain complex words :/ also because i'm italian, so don't judge me.


i bet the fur keeps re-growing back xD classic o3o good stuff tough :o


Actually, it is more wool!


oh yea, sorry xD i derp'd in there but yea, the wool will re-grow back xD


I love the concept of 3 fingers!