Cow Transformation by tfancred

Cow Transformation by

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Carrie wanted a new job. She has been working on a farm for the last two years but she was tired of it. It was a pretty hard work after all. She was dreaming of an office job which would allow her to stay inside all day long instead of working under the sun or the rain every single day... This is what she wished for when, on the night, she saw a shooting star. Bad idea! She really should have been more precise about what she wishes. The morning after this event, her breast was kind of painful. She tried not to think about it during the day, but it didn't wear off. This night, while she was about to take a shower, she noticed four reddish spots on her lower belly. "Fine", she thought. "Now, I'm starting an allergic reaction to whatever knows what!".

During the night, she started to dream. She had a kid in her arms and she was breastfeeding him. She was quiet, relaxing in a sun beam, closed her eyes and, a second after, she noticed that she was nursing two babies... No... Four... Wait... Six? How was it possible? She woke up soaking wet! She went to the wash room to discover that her breast was leaking big time! A continuous flow of creamy milk. Moaning, she took a cold shower, doing her best to pump out as much milk as she was able. It took around one hour, but she was finally empty... How could this be possible? Would this be because of her dream? She didn't have time to think about it. It was already five o' clock and she had to dress up for work. The problem was that her usual clothes were not fitting. Like if they were a size or two smaller. She tried not to think about it, but all the day, it was getting worse. Even her shoes were getting tight. So that in fact that her toes were getting numbs.

When she arrived home, she didn't wait any longer to remove all those containing clothes, but a big surprise was waiting for her : her toes have been fused into two hoofs. It was enough. She will have to see a physician or someone... It was already too late, but she was decided, tomorrow, she would call off and take care of it. But, for now, she had to pump her excess of milk because her breasts were getting fuller by the minute.

The morning came too early. She woke up at least twice to empty her milk bag. She was so tired that she didn't notice the horns that she grow over the night. It is only when she finished brushing her teeth that she saw them... Her face was weird too. Longer... Her lips were fuller and she had... Cow ears? How could this be possible? She could not wait any longer, she needed help! She removes her night growth to reveal her newly growth udder. She was trying to get dressed when, once again, a flow of milk went out of her breast and udder. It is at this moment her boss entered her apartment. He wanted to see what was wrong and he has been quite surprised to find a cow girl mooing him to get milked. Well, maybe could he help her... And, who knows, cowgirl milk might be pretty valuable!