Choose Her Fate   April O Neil By Tfancred Ddepie-Fullview by tfancred

Choose Her Fate April O Neil By Tfancred Ddepie-Fullview by

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So, for the story, here is the start of a new Choose Her Fate Sequence! Here, my Patreon voted that the theme of this sequence will be April's Squirrel Transformation! Want to participate and choose what will happen next? It is this way :


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Wasn't there an episode were April was combined with a dolphin?


Honnestly, I don’t know! Shévebeen turned pretty much in any possible snimal to a point! XD


She transformed 3 times in the original series. Cat, Fish, and Wasp.


There was a ep where she was turn into a fish person that was part Dolphin.


who's she?


This surely shes from tmnt series x3 also if there's one that she was turning into a rat :o


Yes turn April O Neil into a Rat




"So I'm going to become some kind of a... squirrel girl?"

"Sorry, my power can't turn you into a more popular character."

"Hey SCREW YOU, I've been depicted in multiple media for decades!"