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Hi, I'm... by TFK
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TFK! I have a love hate relationship with inks... buts it fun and easier then digital work for me, ouo I hope you enjoy
Babys got back by TFK
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[Camilla felt her shorts getting tighter... She looked back at her rump and was greeted with a white and grey tail slowly growing and ripping the back of new newly bought shorts... The look of surprise washed over her face as she noticed fur was quickly taking over her body...] It has been 4 years since I have drawn a Tranformation so I really hope you enjoy :)
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lsftsj by TFK
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The foreigner wanted a set of silk robes, something that would make her fit in nicely with the culture here at the harvest festival. Had she been a bit more sober, perhaps she would have taken them off the moment she noticed something felt odd... But they do feel nice. It's no wonder the shop keeper kept these hidden away. For @Shadey.
PuppyPic by TFK
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.. Why isn't it coming OFF!! RAAWR!
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- A tail!? ♥
ram by TFK
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Rams <3
BirdTF by TFK
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